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BEST SELLER Hooded overall with wooden buttons

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A warm woollen overall is your best friend as autumn is approaching. Our hooded overall have wooden buttons in the front and cuffs on both the arms and legs. The cuffs can be folded to 'close' the external air from flowing into the overall and will retain the heated air close to your child's body. This feature is extra precious for small fingers that might be reluctant to keep their mittens on :)

The woollen overall is made out of 100% virgin woolfleece and is certified with the IVN BEST (The German “NATURTEXTIL IVN zertifiziert BEST” or better known as the International Association Natural Textile Industry). GOTS is the minimum basic standard that the IVN BEST certification must fulfill. Furthermore, the IVN BEST also incorporates prescribed social welfare standards for the companies involved in the production.

We currently stock four sizes: 50/56, 62/68, 74/80, 86/92 and  5 colors:

Blue mélange

Lilac mélange

Reed mélange

Rosewood mélange

 Saffron mélange