Size chart

Find your child's correct EUR size

European cloth sizes are based on height and children's clothes measured at 6 centimeter increments (2.36 inches). This is a different system from the American one, which defines cloth size according to estimated age.

Not to worry! The table below provides you with a quick idea of the how 'big' the clothes actually are and the easiest way for you to find the right size is to measure your little one. Every child has their own unique growth curve, and therefore 'total height' becomes a more reliable estimate when finding the perfect size for them.

For example: Your child measures a total length of 25.7 inches. The total length is right in the middle of the height interval for the EUR size 62/68 and just like that, you have determined the appropriate size for your child. 

A second example: Your child measures a total height of 32.5 inches. This height is in-between the EUR cloths sizes 74/80 and 86/92, which would suggest that the size 74/80 is to small and 86/92 is the correct size, but the garment may be a bit spacious. In this case it is recommended to select the larger size 86/92 (height interval 33.9-36.2 inches) to be sure that the piece of clothing is not to small and that it is room to grow.

General feedback is that European clothes run large (as in long) compared to American designed clothes. This is something that we at Woolly Hearts have personally experienced. Our mannequin (aged 3 months, American measurements) has a total height of 19,1 inches, which place it in the EUR size 50/56 (equivalent US size is 0-2 months). According to the age (3 months), the total height is 'missing' more than 4 inches if you compare it to the European height interval suggested for babies 2-6 months. This is a huge difference in height and stress the importance of measuring your child's to find the correct cloth size from the conversion table below.


Size chart baby clothing

 EUR size Centimeters Inches US size (approximate size!) 
40/44 40-44 cm 15.7-17.3 inches Premature size
50/56 50-56 cm 19.7-22.0 inches 0-2 months
62/68 62-68 cm 24.4-26.8 inches 2-6 months
74/80 74-80 cm 29.1-31.5 inches 6-12 months
86/92 86-92 cm 33.9-36.2 inches 1-2 years
98/104 98-104 cm 38.6-40.9 inches 3-4 years


Size chart baby bonnets and hats

EUR size Head circumference Inches  
US size (approximate size!) 
26/32  ~~ ~~ Premature size
38/44 ~~ ~~ Premature size
50/56 36-41 cm 14.2-16.1 inches 0-2 months
62/68 41-44 cm 16.1-17.3 inches 2-6 months
74/80 44-46 cm 17.3-18.1 inches 6-12 months
86/92 46-48 cm 18.1-18.9 inches 1-2 years
98/104 48-50 cm 18.9-19.7 inches 3-4 years