Care manual

Wool is a natural fiber which is known to be moisture-regulating, odor-resistant and dirt-repellent. These properties are highly beneficiary for clothing and translates into less work for you. After each use, it is recommend to air your wool garment by placing them in an oxygen-rich environment. This allows the wool to regenerate by expelling any moisture and odor from the fabric. This means that your baby can wear its wool clothing for several days without the need to wash it. 

The manufacturer recommends that you wash your wool and wool/silk fabrics as little as possible and you don't need to wash the garments before wearing them for the first time. All of Engels products are made with 100% ecological methods and have no chemical finish, which is in compliance with the criteria for GOTS certification.


All wool garments are machine washable (wool wash program) on cold cycle or maximum 30oC, with low spin speed (max. 400rpm). However, the manufacturer may recommend hand-washing over machine-washing, so please check the washing instructions for the best care of your fabric. When washing your wool garment it is highly important to only use a wool detergent, which is widely available in grocery stores. Wool detergent does not contain any protease enzymes and are pH neutral which is very gentle on the fabric and creates no residual build up. These detergents are designed not to remove the natural oil and protect the fibers at the same time.

After washing, gently squeeze the garment in a towel and pull it into shape while still wet and lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry or placed on a heater. If not washed and dried properly, it may cause the wool to felt, harden and become brittle.