About us

"There is no bad weather, only poor choice of clothing"

Growing up in Sweden, me and my friends were always told "There is no bad weather, only poor choice of clothing" and then got kicked out to play in the fresh-air, regardless of the weather conditions. Today, this upbringing have taught me to enjoy the outdoors and the importance of quality clothes to combat the weather throughout the year. This appreciation for 'fresh-air' is something that I wish to pass along to my children. Therefore, me and my family actively plan outdoor activities throughout the week and wool clothing have an essential part in our planning.

Wonderful wool

We favor wool garments because it is a 100% naturally grown fibre with several beneficial properties, such as non-allergenic, breathable, temperature regulating, moisture repellent, odor-resistant and a non toxic production, that makes wool clothing our superior choice for daily wear. 

Be reassured that your child's comfort needs are met with organic wool clothing

Our goal at Woolly Hearts is to provide parents with organic and premium quality wool clothes for their little ones.